I woke up from my perfect dreamto find my house on fire.And as I fought through the smoketo rage at those who set the blazeI realized the first matchwas struck by me.

Poetry X Hunger

The fine folks who run Poetry X Hunger have posted my poem, “Where Does the Child Sleep Tonight.” You can find it here. And, while on the site, check out all the other great poems helping to call attention to the issues that cause hunger and the work needed to eradicate it. This is my … More Poetry X Hunger


MUSICA UNIVERSALIS And could it be that we are music emanating from the stars, harmonies formed from the immense monochord, sacred octaves in a cosmic chant, the universal hum, the celestial Om? SING, O BARREN, SING (inspired by passages and phrases from Isaiah, the Book of Mormon, and the Koran) Sing, O barren, sing. Cry … More Sermon

After Sterling

I am pleased to announce that my poem, “After Sterling,” received an honorable mention in the Maryland Writers’ Association’s 2020 poetry contest. The poem will appear in the the Association’s 2020 anthology, Maryland in Poetry. The poem is addressed to the African-American poet, Sterling Brown, and opens with a reference to the vegetables he mentions … More After Sterling