STONE WALLS Thoughts and words pile in my mind,as heavy and mute as fallen stones that form gapsin the walls that line Newtown’s roadsand the yards where children played. I cannot speak for those who lost,but I can grieve.I can grieve for those who liveand must rebuild. In time we will restack the stones,but they … More STONE WALLS


The sun beginning to set,and the evening cool hintingagainst skin, warmed from work,I sit on the porch and clean radishes,fresh from the garden,separate the greens from the bulbs,and slowly rinse away the dirt.


We walked over windswept rocks,contemplated the quiet of the valley below,the beauty of endless mountains. We took a different route back,clambered through dense brush,questioned our decision. We laughed when we reached the car.Debated the meaning of “lost.”


It has been a long while since my last post. I’ve been writing, jotting down words and lines here and there, but cannot seem to bring anything to some sort of conclusion. I go back through notebooks to find old drafts to rework and putter around with the words a bit, but nothing ever seems … More Snippets


I watch my gardenbreathe in and outcalmI cannot controlthe lettuce, squash, and beansany more thanother things in life I cannot controlthe lettuce, squash, and beansI watch my gardenbreathe in and outcalm I tend my gardenbreathe in the lettuce,squash, and beanscalm TendLettuce, squash, and beansBreatheI cannot controlCalm BreatheLettuce, squash, and beansCalmCannot controlTend Tend gardenBreathe lettuce, squash, … More Variations


I woke up from my perfect dreamto find my house on fire.And as I fought through the smoketo rage at those who set the blazeI realized the first matchwas struck by me.