Poverty settles in hardscrabble hollows, winds along twisted roads away from tourists, out of sight of those who come to revel in rural beauty and green mountains. There is no straight and narrow here. Sin shouts from mountain tops blown away for profit; from valleys filled with neglect and the slag heaps of an economy … More ALMOST HEAVEN

Tides and Thoughts

We were at our cottage on the Potomac River this past weekend. High tide on Saturday was exceptionally high due to a combination of factors. It prompted all kinds of thoughts and words:   The Potomac rose three feet above normal, a combination of a seasonal high tide, a full moon, and a nor’easter off … More Tides and Thoughts


For today, a poem written 17 years ago and published 8 years ago, 10 years after the events that sparked the thoughts leading to the poem: SKIMINO I see him standing in his field, rough hands wrapped round the handle of his hoe, watching the army march down the Williamsburg Road. He hears the fifers’ … More SKIMINO