Hanging Out at Fourth & Sycamore

What fun to be able to say that I’m hanging out at Fourth & Sycamore in Greenville, Ohio. Virtually and poetically, that is.


I have two poems in Fourth & Sycamore, the Greenville, Ohio Public Library’s on-line literary magazine, named– as you might guess– after the location of the library. I ran across the journal via poet Ben Nardolilli’s blog and was taken with the idea that a public library has its own literary journal. And, the location-based title appealed to the geographer in me.  So, I sent in a couple poems and a day later received a message from Fourth & Sycamore’s editor, David Nilsen, that he wanted to publish my poems. This certainly set my record for fastest turnaround time between submission and acceptance. Thanks again, David.

You can find my poems, “To the Least Sparrow on the House Top” and “Young Peasant Girl to the Artist, Jules Breton,” here.

Come join me at the corner of Fourth and Sycamore.



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