On the Road Home

Stopping on the side of the road to take a break from the whirr of the chain and the strain of legs turning cranks against hills, I lean against the fence and listen. Nothing. Soundless. And then, wind through leaves and the honk of a goose rising over white pines, followed by the honks of … More On the Road Home

Sing, O Barren, Sing.

I’ve been delving into religious tracts and scripture lately, reading very widely. I finished reading the Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago (fourth reading of it) and started reading both the Koran and the various books in the Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of Christian Gnostic writings from the early centuries of Christianity. Along … More Sing, O Barren, Sing.


We walk in a cloud, ignoring the mist that hangs before us, afraid of what we might find if the mist were to lift. This side of the cloud, a jealous god, imperfect, in our image just as we are made in his. On the other side, the all encompassing One, with whom we are … More GNOSIS

MAD Geopoetics

MAD Geopoetics… how’s that for the title of an entry?  No, not angry poets all over the world. Rather, geographers and poets and geographer-poets who write place-based or landscape-themed poetry. We held a geopoetics session at the annual meeting of the Middle Atlantic Division (MAD) of the Association of American Geographers, held at Towson University, … More MAD Geopoetics


I have a book that I no longer believe. I read it every few years to test the space between certainty and doubt. Four copies sit on my shelf, the oldest from Wales, with words I cannot read, carried by an ancestor to Utah, then along the dissenters’ trail back across the Rockies and the … More THE BOOK OF