Choosing Horses at Fourth & Sycamore

I’ve got another poem at Fourth & Sycamore, my favorite public library-based literary journal. Fourth & Sycamore is the Greenville (Ohio) Public Library’s literary journal. It’s a wonderful on-line journal, thanks to the editorship of David Nilsen. Greenville is a nice small town in western Ohio– a great setting for a literary journal. If you … More Choosing Horses at Fourth & Sycamore

The Homestead

Dad, Uncle Stan, and I spent that Sunday morning driving around the wrong part of the county looking for the family homestead. We drove those gridded roads, east-west, north-south, over and over, scouring the five square miles southeast of Gaylord, Kansas, driving down every dirt lane that seemed to match their memories. We “found” the … More The Homestead

Fortunes 2015

Each year, for the past few years, I’ve recorded fortunes from fortune cookies as they were received over the course of the year, arranged in couplets. Here are the fortunes for 2015. Enjoy! FORTUNES 2015 You may attend a party where strange customs prevail. Happy life is just in front of you. Where there is … More Fortunes 2015