Choosing Horses at Fourth & Sycamore

I’ve got another poem at Fourth & Sycamore, my favorite public library-based literary journal. Fourth & Sycamore is the Greenville (Ohio) Public Library’s literary journal. It’s a wonderful on-line journal, thanks to the editorship of David Nilsen. Greenville is a nice small town in western Ohio– a great setting for a literary journal. If you are ever passing through that part of Ohio on I-70, take a detour north and stop in Greenville.

My poem, “Choosing Horses,” was inspired by my grandparents, H.H. and Gaynell Loper. When the horses were running at Louisiana Downs in Shreveport, they would make the trip from Texarkana on a regular basis. Whenever any of us would visit, a trip to the track was expected. I learned the ins and outs of betting there when my sister and I went with Grandpa and Grandma when we visited for a week while in college. And, even though there’s a race track in the town where I grew up and still live, the only track I’ve ever been to is Louisiana Downs. Going to the track just wouldn’t be the same without either of them.

You can find the poem here:



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