The Tire Swing

The tire swing hangs straight, rope unbent by play, time unmarked by a daydreamer’s lazy pendulum; grass has grown into the bare patch where feet once scraped and pushed off for speed. The children are gone, to other trailer parks, acres of double-wides in the sun, clean, suburbanized, orderly, and out of the way; to … More The Tire Swing

Patuxent River Story

The prostitutes flow, county to county, pushed by tides of indignation, slowed by pools of indifference, unseen, unnoticed, unknown by most, but they are there, at the bars near the track, on the corners near the cheap motels, in the parking lot behind the diner. They flow, county to county, in a jurisdictional eddy, Anne … More Patuxent River Story

The Food Truck

The immigrant in his food truck, parked at the edge of the lot, sells reminders of home— pupusas, tamales, tortillas— to hungry laborers coming off shifts, or waiting for work in the morning light; to men whose families wait back home for the monthly remittance, or the fee for the coyotes to bring them North. … More The Food Truck