Coordinating Creative Geography

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Julie Urbanik at the recent American Association of Geographers meeting in San Francisco. We had each volunteered as mentors and, while waiting for students to assemble in the room, introduced ourselves and got to talking. Julie mentioned she had started a non-profit, The Coordinates Society, focused on bringing geography to a larger audience through a variety of creative ways and creative media. I mentioned that I was also a poet and had recently given a presentation about the US 1 corridor weaving poetry and data and geographic analysis. Clearly, we had shared interests. I followed up with Julie after the conference and mentioned my poem and video, “Ode to US 1, Howard County, Maryland.” Julie viewed and said she’d like to post it to the Coordinates Society’s website in their magazine.

The poem and video are getting interesting exposure. After returning from the AAG meeting, I discovered that the folks at the Howard County Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance blog had found the poem and video and had posted it on their site. This fit right in with the Coordinates Society’s mission to broaden the reach of geography.

Many thanks to Julie for posting my poem and video the Coordinates Society’s magazine page.


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