After the drought…

… a bit of good news on the publishing front. I’ve had two poems accepted for publication. This, after a series of declines through the spring and early summer. “The Book Of” will appear in Fourth & Sycamore on September 19. This will be my third appearance in that journal, one of my favorites (and not just because they publish my work). I like the variety and breadth of the poems and book reviews that they publish. The other poem is “Thoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac,” and it will appear in Gargoyle (Issue 67) in September 2017.

Readers of this blog might recall that a previous reviewer’s comments on “Thoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac,” really threw me for a loop. I liked the pacing, the images, and the references in the original version. I liked reading it at open mics. The reviewer’s comments, though, pushed me to question nearly everything about it, and drastically revise it. Comments from others, however, brought me back to a “middle path” between the longer original and the severely short revision. It’s the middle path version that will appear in Gargoyle.

I’ve got a few more poems out for review. Perhaps this recent rain is a sign that the drought has ended.


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