PAINTING THE SHED Nice to work outside on this October day, with the river to watch when we take short breaks. A simple task, painting the shed. Slap on some paint, spread evenly with roller or brush. One color for the walls and door, another for the trim. We take the right amount of time … More PAINTING THE SHED

A Poem for Autumn

Chill morning air. Leaves still green, though here and there, a few yellows, reds, and browns. My father taught me how to recognize trees by the shapes of their leaves. With passing days, more will turn and eventually fall. How will I know the names when all the leaves are gone?

Spring Mountain Poems

ASCENDING SPRING MOUNTAIN Ascending Spring Mountain, I leave the neon and flashing lights of Vegas and drive toward the sunset that coats the western sky in red-orange truth. I reach the peak, but night has fallen. Moonlight silhouettes barren rock, headlights of passing trucks illuminate unadorned desert scrub, rivers of light shimmer like mirages in … More Spring Mountain Poems