Looking out the kitchen window I notice the white pine we planted. I think of the day you brought it home from school, a small sapling. We planted it in the tall grass and brambles at the edge of the common land, where the mowers wouldn’t go and the deer might not notice, a well-drained … More WHITE PINE

Contemplating Beauty at Peacock Journal

Peacock Journal published five of my poems yesterday, Monday, December 12 as part of their Beauty First series: “Contemplating the Grasshopper…,” “In Search of Paw Paws,” “Geography of Memory,” “In the Sonoran Desert,” and “Status of the Garden at the End of October.” Each of these is, more or less, taoism- or zen-inspired. You can … More Contemplating Beauty at Peacock Journal


Silence soft in prayer-clasped hands–peace settles. Release nettlesome thoughts and sift away time’s dull demands. Worries, naught but grains of sand.     This poem is an englyn, a short poetic form from Wales. There are a variety of englyn forms. The most common is the englyn unodl union, the straight one-rhyme englyn, which consists … More Meditation