Silence soft in prayer-clasped hands–peace settles.
Release nettlesome thoughts and
sift away time’s dull demands.
Worries, naught but grains of sand.



This poem is an englyn, a short poetic form from Wales. There are a variety of englyn forms. The most common is the englyn unodl union, the straight one-rhyme englyn, which consists of four lines, with ten syllables in the first line, six in the second, and seven each in the third and fourth lines. The rhyme appears at the sixth or seventh syllable in the first line, then at the end of the second, third, and fourth lines. In addition, the syllables at the end of the first line rhyme with the first few syllables in the second. In my poem above, the primary rhyme is easy to spot– hands, and, demands, sand. For the internal rhyme, peace settles and release nettlesome.

This is only the second englyn I’ve written. Over the next few months, I think I’ll try producing a few more.


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