Bicycling Poems

MEDITATION I bow over the handlebars in contemplation, the whirr of the chain my hymn, the road my text. Legs turn cranks. Rhythm brings solace. Movement is reason. There is purpose in toil and sweat; catharsis in the ache of muscles straining for greater distance and revelation of what one is capable. ON THE ROAD … More Bicycling Poems

A Winter Cardinal

It’s cold and rainy today. This morning, clutching a mug of hot coffee, I looked out the kitchen windows overlooking the backyard and the garden. A single cardinal sat on a withered branch of the nectarine tree. There’s something about a cardinal in winter, its red feathers reminding me of summer, even on the coldest … More A Winter Cardinal


Each year for the past few years, I’ve recorded the fortunes from fortune cookies in the order they were received, arranged as couplets. Here are the fortunes from 2016. FORTUNES 2016   Your mentality is alert, practical, and analytical. You will enjoy good health. You will have a pleasant trip. Keep your plans secret for … More FORTUNES 2016