A Valentine’s Day Poem (sort of)

As I mentioned in my post on February 11th (February Poetry Prompts), I’m participating in a daily exercise in which we receive 10 words drawn from a newspaper article to use in a poem. My poem for February 14th took on something of a Valentine’s theme, although not in the usual way.  Maybe it’s an anti-Valentine’s Day poem, for all of us introverted, introspective, intuitive, thinking, perceiving, judging types.

What if St. Valentine’s Myers-Briggs Type Had Been INTP (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving)?

What if St. Valentine’s Myers-Briggs
type had been INTP?
Then, every February 14th,
instead of wallowing in sweetness,
gushing romantic thoughts,
we would revel in rationality,
contemplation, and logic.
The sensing, feeling types
would have to don masks,
disguise themselves as stoics,
tamp down emotions.
Cupid would take aim at brains,
not hearts. Declarations of love
would be written in code.
Thinkers would spend
billions of dollars on books,
algorithms and data,
or evenings together under the stars
for purposes of science.
Lovers would chase each other
through labyrinths, each starting
at a different point to see who
puzzled out the correct path first.
Of course, others would calculate
the commercial possibilities,
and the amount of money spent
would not be described with vague
words like “hefty” or “lots,”
but measured precisely.

If St. Valentine had been
an INTP, we would wear
unemotional grey, not fiery red,
and the order of the day
would be order.

Oh, just think
how wonderful it would be
if St. Valentine had been an INTP.


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