Another poem accepted, one declined, and several out for review

Here’s the latest in publication news. My poem “Thoughts While Sitting on the Beach” has been accepted by Texture, a new literary magazine out of Annapolis, MD.  The first issue will appear sometime in early August (submission period runs till the end of July). I submitted five poems for consideration– the other four were “Number 1, Patchin Place,” “In the Year of the Rooster,” “Bates and Third, Northwest,” and “Still Life with Daffodils.” These four are still under consideration. The editors are waiting to see how many other submissions are received before deciding whether to publish multiple poems from various poets.

I mined my archive of unpublished poems from my Skimino Cycle (poems based on family history) and sent “Dear William” to The Copperfield Review, which has published quite a few of my historical poems in the past and focuses on historical poetry and fiction. They turned it down. “Dear William,” while historical, is more of a found poem, largely based on the text of a letter from Robert Pleasants, a noted Virginia Quaker, to my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, William Ratcliffe, advising him to attend to his faith. The Copperfield Review published the poem’s companion piece, “Who Am I to Minister Unto Friends,” which is William’s thoughts about his ability to minister. I’ll post both poems in a follow-up post.

Also out for review is “After Sterling,” my poem addressed to the African-American poet, Sterling A. Brown. His family owned a farm that was located near where I now live. His poem “After Winter,” was set on that farm. The farm is gone– the land has been subdivided for various development, including office buildings accessed via Sterling Drive, named after him. I’ve posted various versions of the poem previously. It’s out for consideration by Beltway Quarterly, a Washington, DC-based journal.

And, I collected a number of my geographical poems into a chapbook and submitted it for consideration by Hyacinth Girl Press. Most of the poems in the collection are those set along US 1 in Howard County, but I’ve included others that have geographical references and commentary. I’ve titled the collection “Chair on the Side of the Road,” after one of the poems included, but also because of the observational qualities of the poems. The submission period ended on June 30. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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