I haven’t posted anything in a while. Teaching population geography, work in general, bicycling, and other tasks have kept me busy. I just haven’t made the time to write. I have submitted a few items and have had a few acceptances. Here’s what’s forthcoming… “Along U Street, NW” was accepted by Baltimore Style. It should … More Forthcoming…

The Homestead

I’ve just uploaded a new video for my poem, “The Homestead.” My father, uncle, and I traveled to Smith County, Kansas in 2005 to locate and visit the Ratcliffe family homestead– the homestead my great-great grandmother, Mary Townsend Ratcliff, settled in 1874 after she divorced her husband, John. My grandfather grew up on the farm … More The Homestead


TO KANSAS Kansas, you were once a beacon of freedom in the heart of the nation. You made the slave masters quake with rage and fear. What are you now? Homeland of reactionaries, those who would deny freedom, those who would close the books to truth, shout down individuality, suppress free thought, just like the … More TO KANSAS


He struggles to fetch a word. You can see it in his face— the word is in his brain trying to get out, but can’t find the right path in the neural network. Sometimes a wrong word comes out. He sees our puzzled looks, realizes it and laughs. I wheel him through the nursing home … More MEMORIES OF WORDS