Sunday Morning Thought

TO WALK BEYOND WHAT WAS KNOWN When we were young we fell in love with the world, named all the plants and animals. We chose to walk away from comfort and ease, to wander where there were no names. That is where we knew ourselves. That is when we became divine. Advertisements

Wooden Teeth and Poetry

You gotta love a journal called “Wooden Teeth,” especially when it’s the name of the student-run literary journal at George Washington University. The flyers stating that the journal was accepting submissions caught my eye– not hard, since they were posted everywhere in the stairwell that I take to get to my classroom (I’m an adjunct … More Wooden Teeth and Poetry


MUSICA UNIVERSALIS And could it be that we are music emanating from the stars, harmonies formed from the immense monochord, sacred octaves in a cosmic chant, the universal hum, the celestial Om? SING, O BARREN, SING Heaven does not seek our harmonies. It is through our will that we join ourselves to the sacred monochord. … More Sermon

Stone Walls

December 14th is the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting and tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Mass shootings and killing of innocent people continues in the United States.   STONE WALLS Thoughts and words pile in my mind, as heavy and mute as fallen stones that form gaps in the walls that line Newtown’s roads and … More Stone Walls

Hammond Branch

HAMMOND BRANCH Creekside. Evening light filters through leaves. I know these woods— could navigate them in the half light of dusk, or even at night. Hammond Branch is different each time I walk along its banks. Rocks shifted by the current, a bit of bank eroded, water pooled behind a log, debris-choked, waiting for the … More Hammond Branch