Route 1 Revisited

The Howard County Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (HoCo APFO) blog linked to my poem/video, Ode to US 1, Howard County again. Looks like they might trot this out each time they want to comment on the impact of redevelopment along US 1. That’s fine with me. That was the point of writing the poem. I’m … More Route 1 Revisited

Celestial Fields

Draw deep and quench your thirst with the waters of heaven. The long drought has reached its end. Now you can plow celestial fields, sow the seeds of eternity, harvest the stars.


MUSICA UNIVERSALIS And could it be that we are music emanating from the stars, harmonies formed from the immense monochord, sacred octaves in a cosmic chant, the universal hum, the celestial Om? SING, O BARREN, SING Heaven does not seek our harmonies. It is through our will that we join ourselves to the sacred monochord. … More Sermon